The Impaling

@POTUS @JustinTrudeau

The Impaling

Pollution's Politicians Will Soon Pay!

Rightfully So! The Masses say.

Due their Greed and Multiple Lies

Our Lives They Ignored & Deprived!

Line Them Up! Make Them Climb

The Ladder to The Pole & Their Demise!

 July 26, 2018

Viva Castro’s Revolution! July 26, 1953


October 5, 2018

All Newspapers, Radio


Television Station Staff,

Owners & Reporters

That Fail To

Provide the Public


Constant Updates

on the

Climate Crisis



Pro-Pollution Politicians!

upon the Collapse

starting within

the Next 36 Months:



No excuses!

Co2 Count is now @ 411.24 Ppm!

And rising fast!




Highest CO2 levels recorded so far in 2018:  
 412.60 ppm on May 14, 2018 (Scripps)412.45 ppm on May 14, 2018 (NOAA-ESRL)
412.37 ppm on April 23, 2018 (NOAA-ESRL

The Rich would see you risk

your children’s lives

and the future of


to satisfy their


And they continue to

argue and advertise



Its better for ALL that they die first!


Impale Them! All Of Them!



If They Continue to

Promote Greed’s Grab!

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All attempts to Evade "Personal Responsibility" for failing to STORE a personal vehicle will Fail. Humanity's Hordes shall PAY, together, for failing to "Think". Stow your Tears! "YOU" were warned! Indeed! "Life's Dusty Passing” - see -

🦊 “The Poet’s Soul"🦊

- laid it all out! In 1985!

Per 🦊 D'Avenger 🦊 @ 🦊 🦊:

The Collapse Shall Start, Worldwide, Within 2 Years!

Deny "The Wealthy & Powerful" any hope of outlasting those they TAXED into Poverty!

"Enjoy Their End!" - "Impale the Rich!”


“The Impaling Procedure

To ALL who are TRULY angry & Upset that “Political Greed”

has led to the Loss of our Planet by 2026!

Here’s the Instructions:

“How To Impale a Dozen Politicians on a Pole.” 

First! We need “Polsters” (A brand NEW Word!), as opposed to

“Pollsters”, the majority of which should also be IMPALED.

  1. Prepare a Pole of some 30 feet in length (Vertical Height!)
  2. Prepare a Platform upon which “The -to be- Impaled are prodded, as need be, to mount, on their own, with sufficient assistance, if truly needed.
  3. Upon reaching “The Impaling Point”: Ask the so condemned to swallow a string suitable to ingest with a fast acting “Medicine” that will push one end of that string down & out their Anus. Show them a “Club” that shall be employed to BREAK their Jaws if they refuse, and then proceed.
  4. Attach the “Threaded & Prepared Nut” to the “Primary Pole”.
  5. Use such to pull the “Primary Pole”, a flexible pipe of smaller dimensions, through their body, until it starts to Exit their mouths.
  6. Attach “The Real Deal” (Being a pipe of 2” diameter.) to the bottom of the “Primary Pole”.
  7. Pull such completely through the accused “Pollution Promoter”. (Actually, PULL Down on their Legs to facilitate such.)
  8. Repeat the PROCESS as many times as necessary to ensure we won’t have to deal with such FOOLS while trying to SAVE OUR WORLD!
  9. After the first such “Pollution Promoter” has been so “POLED”, slide the next such Polluter so its ASS is in direct contact WITH the “Bottom Man’s Face. 
  10. Repeat. As many times as necessary to RID our world of such GREED DRIVEN SOB’s!

Special Note for Scott Pruitt! 

Your resignation shall NOT save you from your Special Place as “The Bottom Man” on “The White House Pole”.

As a Seven P’s Prick, being the “Premier Profit Prodding Pro-Pollution Promoting Politician”, you shall receive “Nothing” to help that Pole slide up your ASS and out your Mouth as the sole viable / meaningful  penalty for your Crimes Against Humanity.

“Bad News”

for Parents and Children who are determined to

Hunt your Sick Sort down & “Hole & Pole” you:

You’ll probably enjoy having your Face shoved UP Trump’s ASS.

To All Serious Parents:

Contribute to this effort via

🦊🇨🇦🦊 🦊🇨🇦🦊

Help Bring About

"The Great Impaling

and, maybe, just maybe,

start the effort to

save our world.

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